The U.S. Pain Foundation

If you are signed up for my email list then you’ll already know that this week I am posting twice for a very special reason. Today I had the amazing opportunity to bring the founder of The U.S. Pain Foundation, my sister, parents, and my sister’s physical therapist to lecture my classmates on patient advocacy … Continue reading The U.S. Pain Foundation


Peds PT is the PT for Me!

I’ve had my heart stuck on pediatric physical therapy for quite some time now. Initially I enjoyed the idea of working with kids when my sister Melanie started going to PT in the early stages of her CRPS diagnosis. Her physical therapist focused her treatment on getting her to walk again and being able to … Continue reading Peds PT is the PT for Me!

I was featured in a podcast!

A little mid-week post is here before my weekly Friday post! After posting "Seventeen" a few weeks ago I was approached by Casey Coleman and Joses Ngugi, the founders of the Pre-PT Grind Facebook page and asked to join them in a podcast to further dive into my story in my PT journey. These two are … Continue reading I was featured in a podcast!