One Year

I debated on waiting until tomorrow (July 14th) to post this but it felt weird because blog day has always been Friday. So technically TOMORROW marks “One Year” but let’s just let that little detail slide, shall we?

You may or may not realize but my blog is officially one year old! I wrote my first ever blog post last year after a class by a PT who came to lecture us on marketing ourselves, ironically today I saw posts from the class below me about the same lecture. I sat in class that Thursday afternoon playing around with the Word Press formatting and toying with the idea of actually posting something—no surprise here, I went through with it! The next morning, I began my Friday posting schedule that following day and hoped for the best. It surely was well received, I’m so grateful to have such supportive friends, family, and even strangers read my blogs.

That day I felt so open and honest, I was happy to embrace my new self-given title, “The Golden PT.” I felt golden! Looking back at that day, yes my blog is an excellent accomplishment but it wasn’t the true golden highlight of my day.

A year ago, the night of my big blog debut, I ended up to my surprise on a spontaneous first date with my current boyfriend. Not to dive too deep into my personal life… but, he came at just the right time, my love life was lacking hope from my perspective. It took some time, and a little convincing, but I opened my heart to him as he opened his to me and this year has been incredible. Why is this relevant to my blog? Because he has truly been my rock through everything that has come my way this year (& I hope I’ve been his too!) and a lot that’s happened have been my PT school woes.

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you know I have an incredible support system – my parents, my sisters, my friends, and my classmates were all phenomenal in the moments I needed them and persistent in the moments I pushed away any help. Not to take any of that away from them, but my boyfriend took his role in being supportive above and beyond. I’m not always the nicest girl when I’m stressed and at times I would say I am not easy to love. But hey, no one is perfect I suppose.

My point here is not as simple to put into words as I thought it might be….

I thought I was fine. I had “given up” (yeah right) on looking for a relationship, I decided I would just “let it happen”. Well, spoiler alert… it happened! But seriously, I thought I was truly just fine in the position I was in with the people present in that moment and don’t get me wrong, I was fine and I could have waited longer for my prince charming BUT I am so so so glad that I allowed love into my heart and took a chance on letting someone new in.

In life, times are never going to be smooth sailing for too long before a big wave comes along. In my life, PT school was at a slow spot in which I felt eager and ready to be finished with school and start my journey as a clinician. Well, that transition out of school including clinical rotation, taking your boards, graduating, etc. it’s not easy! In retrospect, I’m not sure how I would have done any of those things as well as I did without the love and support of my boyfriend.

IMG_20180623_163128Why am I sharing this? Because I have been feeling guilty of being stubborn and trying to tackle life on my own. In this case, my significant other was my ray of sunshine and PT school was my web of complexities in life. In your case, it may be a friend, your grandparent, your child, anyone to come to hold your hand in your time. Bottom line is – don’t ever close yourself off from something that could be beautiful because you’re too proud to admit it’s not to easy or fun to do it on your own.

P.S. Happy Anniversary to my love! xoxo

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