Alyssa, is that you?!

Yes, it’s like déjà vu… here I am again explaining why I have been absent. The past few months have been hectic and such a big transition. The NPTE (aka “The Boards”) was no joke, moving was exhausting (and rewarding), graduating was surreal, being in a semi-stagnant position in life this summer is emotional, and starting my residency in August is exciting but also terrifying. Yes, that’s a lot so how about I dive into each little piece of my life since I’ve been away separately for you all who have been following my journey? It sounds good to me, hopefully you all agree.

Let’s get some new ground rules out of the way though. Blogging should never feel like a burden, or at least for me. I chose to begin a blog and share my story as a creative outlet with hopes of inspiring others. To be honest, at times it was daunting knowing I needed to produce new content each week. Sometimes I felt like I had to force the words out of my brain onto the screen. With that being said — Rule #1 – I no longer will force myself to adhere to a concrete schedule. When life gets busy and tough, I’ll write less. When I’m feeling creative and inspired, I’ll write more. When something new and exciting happens, I’ll write about it after I relish in the excitement. I know my readers will understand this, but I just want to put it out there. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you first have to take control of whichever aspects you can.

I have a hard time sticking to the “PT only” theme I have created for myself on this blog at times. Yes, I am a PT and therefore a lot of what happens to me on the day-to-day is about my journey into PT and now as a PT. So of course, a lot of my content will still be driven by that butRule #2 – I will no longer limit myself to only writing about PT. I am going to open up more about things in my personal life, emotional topics, and more…. honestly, whatever my heart feels at the given time I sit down to write. If you are only here for the PT content, there will still be plenty of it. If you always wish I’d write about more than PT, your wish is my command.

Lastly, I call myself “The Golden PT” and explained why in my first blog post. Essentially, I value my ability to stay true to myself and to my values… to be golden. Over the past few months in my absence from writing, there were times I felt I lost my gold shine to stress, self-doubt, exhaustion…you name it. I recently have tried to focus more than ever on keeping my golden shine, talking about my emotions, and making happiness a priority. So along with that – Rule #3 – I will no longer feel guilty for putting myself and my health & happiness first. This is social media! Sometimes I forget that. The days I step away from my computer and phone and really just enjoy life and its golden joys are the days I have a true creative thought process. So along with rule #1, rule #3 will ensure I never feel guilty for putting myself and my happiness before this blog.

I’m happy to be back and I’m happy to be excited to share content again. I hope you welcome me back with open arms! My golden smile is back 😊

I feel golden again, I’m ready to be back sharing on your timelines!

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