I’m Taking My Talents To…


Here we are, the tail end of March with April creeping up on us quickly. If you have read my past blogs, you may recall that April is a big month for me. On April 25th I am sitting for the National Physical Therapy Exam (a.k.a. “The Boards”) to gain my license to practice physical therapy! It is still a bit terrifying but I have been studying for quite some time and I am anxiously ready to crush it. Naturally, after The Boards comes GRADUATION! On May 10th I cross the stage in a weird floppy graduation hat and a doctoral hood then BAM, I am Doctor Alyssa Dickens, Physical Therapist!

So let’s see if you’re keeping up with the normal sequence of events. The Boards, Graduation, then… a job. For a long time I have known that I want to practice in pediatrics. That desire can be easier said than done. Remember back in high school when you tried to get your first job? Everywhere you applied seemed to want you to have job experience. Okay, but who will give me my first opportunity at experience!? The same cycle happens with pediatric PT since it is such a specialized area of physical therapy, you have to know what you’re doing of course. Earlier in PT school, I started to think of other ways I could gain experience in pediatrics and a pediatric residency seemed to check all of the boxes for what I desired my first year out.

Next, I took to researching different programs and speaking to my professors. What did I land upon? My dream residency…a position with Nicklaus Children’s Hospital with a furthering education component from The U. It was perfect! So, in some sense of secrecy, this past fall I applied to the program and subsequently interviewed in February. Well, if you are catching my drift…last week I received amazing news. I am taking my talents to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital!

I am incredibly grateful and excited for this opportunity to further grow as a pediatric physical therapist and expand my knowledge. More than ever I feel blessed to have my path laid out for my after graduation, none the less it’s an extended portion of my dream come true to study PT at The U!

Until then, I am keeping my nose in the books to make sure I pass the NPTE at the end of April. Keep your fingers crossed for my focus…and sanity. I just keep reminding myself the reward waiting for me after this monster of an exam, and now that I have spoken it out of secrecy I am even more excited!

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