Yes, slacker! Right at your face with the truth. I made a promise to those of you who read my blog posts and to myself and then I broke it, what a slacker I am. Well, actually it’s more of the opposite. I can genuinely say this past month has been filled with some big accomplishments, and some small ones.

I believe in this day and age 9 times out of 10 we are too hard on ourselves. We fill our calendars up, rush from place to place, write long to do lists, and dwell on the things we don’t cross off. But what about all of the things we do accomplish on a daily basis?

As I’ve mentioned, I’m in the midst of studying for the boards which I’ll be taking in April and I’m about to turn up the heat and truly be in the thick of it. As I’ve also mentioned I was on my first full-time pediatric rotation (yesterday was my last day, I’ll elaborate on the incredible experience I had there in a blog post soon). If you do the math… studying for boards + full time rotation + working + exercise + errands = very little time for myself, and for sleep!

My point here is maybe I’m not such a slacker for missing a few blog posts and maybe you aren’t such a slacker either. Don’t believe me? Well here’s 5 reasons why I believe you are actually doing your best despite feeling otherwise!

1. The stakes are high. In today’s world a lot of times you only pat yourself on the back or only get a pat on the back for completing the big task ahead of you. What about completing all of the little steps along the way? For example, why wait to celebrate once the brick house is move in ready? I say celebrate when the foundation is laid, when the walls are up, when the fireplace is running, when it’s move in ready, and hey how about again when it’s decorated?

2. Downtime isn’t laziness. I’m extremely guilty of this one, I’ve said it before but I’m one of those *watches Netflix all relaxed until I remember I should be studying so then I watch Netflix anxiously*-type-of-girls. We deserve some downtime! Okay, if downtime > productivity then maybe you are a bit lazy but when you really weigh it out and hour or two to yourself is totally fair.

3. You can have multiple goals. For a while during the summer this blog was a top priority, I was trying to build a support base and had a lot of time on my hands to do so. Nowadays my focus has shifted to studying for boards, excelling on my internship, taking care of my body and just like that the alotted time for my blog got pushed aside. So just because you’re focusing on one of your goals more doesn’t mean you gave up on the others, it’s just not in the top tier at that moment. And that’s okay.

4. People won’t care as much as you’ve convinced yourself they will. I may be biased, but I don’t do a lot of the things I do to impress other people and I don’t believe other people put as much weight in my goals or even as much celebration in the success or sorrow in the trials. With that being said, this blog is for me…to help people. My career path is for me…to light the lives of children. If I remember those statements with that exact wording it’s a lot less pressure. I’m my biggest hater and supporter here! (So choose to support yourself. 😉)

5. Your corner will understand. When you feel lazy, like a slacker, overwhelmed, accomplished…it’s important to have people in your corner that understand. When you feel this way you need people that will list off all the amazing things you’ve accomplished and the chips you’ve made in the old block (is that the saying?) NOT ones who discourage you! Build your corner up, mine has slapped me back into reality several times.

So even for myself, I started out writing this blog post feeling like a slacker then I read my own 5 tips and remembered “hey, Alyssa you’ve done some awesome stuff this past month so it’s okay you missed a blog post!”

P.S. one of the exciting accomplishments I have made while not writing any blog posts is APPLYING FOR GRADUATION🎓🙌🏻

(If you still don’t think it’s okay I missed a blog post I’m sorry!!! I’ll do better 🙃)

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