A Golden PT? What does that even mean?

So, you’ve clicked the link and made it here to my blog. The first questions that popped into your mind were probably  “a golden PT?” “What is that?” “What is a PT, and why is it golden?” “What is Alyssa even talking about?” Well, let’s start off my blog with answering those very questions to set the stage for what’s to come.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Alyssa Dickens and I am at the University of Miami in the Doctor of Physical Therapy (PT) program in the beginning of my third year. This means next May (May 10, 2018 to be exact) I am graduating from my amazing program and entering the real world.

Recently, my program had a very special guest speaker came into our class, Greg Todd, PT. Greg Todd is a physical therapist who has gone above and beyond to create an amazing brand for himself. He is “The Physical Therapy Builder”, he owns two clinics, he mentors physical therapy students, he consults for companies as a physical therapist, and he’s an overall inspirational man. Greg’s advice to our class as a first step was to start a blog – so here I am, writing my very first blog post.

Alright so I still haven’t addressed the name of my blog: A Golden PT. Well, in my eyes the word golden means to be true, pure, and full of optimism. Gold is a bright color that signifies passion and power. I have kind of adopted the phrase “golden soul” to describe my outlook on life. I believe that having a pure and genuine soul, remaining optimistic and positive, and being bright and bold with my actions are what makes me, me. Also my favorite bible verse, Job 23:10 “But He knows where I am going. And when He tests me, I will come out as pure gold” really adds to my love for the word golden & the definition behind it.

So, I consider myself to have a golden soul. My golden soul means that I am true to myself, optimistic about my circumstances, and that I would like to make a statement through my actions. Naturally, a light bulb went off… not only do I consider myself a golden soul, but I can step back and apply all of those qualities to my career as a physical therapist. And then the name A Golden PT was born!

So, through a Golden PT perspective I am going to share my journey. How did I discover physical therapy?  How did I know it was the right profession for me? How was the process of applying to PT programs? What did that moment feel like when my acceptance to the University of Miami came? How have I been surviving my program? What have I learned? What am I learning? What do I want to do with my degree? All of these questions and so much more are what you can expect within my blog. I’m going to be as honest and pure… as golden, if you will, with my story as I can be.



  1. Hey Alyssa! I love your first few blog posts, and I can’t wait to read more! I think your story is super inspirational, and it’s great that you’re sharing with others that are in a similar situation.
    I’m also a 3rd year DPT student (from UMES), and I’ve been blogging for a few years (myroadtopt.wordpress.com). 🙂


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